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What's up you bad b!tch?!

I’m a full time photographer based out of Arizona but crave adventure. I aspire to get creative with clients. I’m a dog mom to Smoky and Wednesday, if you hear me talking about my kids, it’s about them! Married to my soulmate Rory since 2020. I started my photography business in 2020 as well (What. A. Year.). I have always had a passion for photography since I was a kid. I never left my house without my little point and shoot camera, and would even get creative with shots back then! I didn’t really understand it then, but I guess I always knew photos were a memory that never changed. I worked 6 years as a CNA, 5 of those years were in the NICU. I absolutely loved working with all the little babes, it taught me a lot about life and helped me become the person that I am today. I miss the tiny humans but it was time for me to take my next adventure in life, which is how I became a full time photographer! I have never been happier, forever grateful to be doing something that allows me to be me. I’m a passionate, authentic human with a little bit of edge.

your go to romantic, moody photographer for photos that make you FEEL! 

What the f*ck is up?!
I'm Alexis!

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Photography isn't my only obsession...
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Give me allllllllll the Fantasy novels you got!

The Color black!
can you tell its my favorite color?

especially my own, they have my whole heart!

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You two know exactly what you want when it comes to capturing your love story... You crave it. Let me capture your fire and bring your visions to life.